Inge really knows what she is talking about and can teach and explain things without it becoming boring. Every training session left me feeling good and with new knowledge. Thank you Inge, you have opened up a whole new, interesting and instructive world to me. – T.A.

Thanks to your clear and holistic approach, your professionalism and experience you opened my eyes to a whole new world. I felt that you understood me, I was comfortable with you. It is truly inspirational to work with someone who appreciates my own philosophy of life. Keep up the good work! – G.K.

Inge cares about all animals and has a deep connection with them. She was able to help our family with a real problem with two bitches that kept fighting. Once I learned to step back and let go things improved. Inge taught me that I didn’t need to be ashamed about my dogs’ behaviour; I should simply enjoy having them. – B.F.

Even when the course material was not always easy you have a way of sharing your passion, you make it interesting and inter-active. Your approach makes the course easier to assimilate and enjoyable. Thankfully there are plenty of courses to choose from so that you can always find something else to study!- H.V.W.

Inge’s inexhaustible knowledge of animal behaviour and her inspirational way of teaching ensures that I continue to follow her courses, learning more and more about animal behaviour. In every lesson Inge challenges me to rethink my knowledge in order to adapt and adjust my own vision and approach. – K.v.S.

The courses are very professional and you immediately realise that Inge knows what she is talking about and that she is eager to share her knowledge. Not only is the theoretical content excellent but attention is also paid to the practical content which I find a major plus point. I have already decided to take further courses. They all appear equally exciting. – F.V.

Your training courses are always up to date: new or changing ideas are integrated and follow up courses are offered. What appealed to me especially? Your approach which looks at the whole picture: this is not just about dog behaviour. Don’t hesitate, follow my example and take the course on ‘Education, behaviour and body language’! – E.V.

The numerous examples that are given allow you to visualise all sorts of different behaviours and this helps you to remember what you have been taught. – R.

This training course should be made obligatory for anyone wanting to keep a dog as a pet. I think I am starting to understand the ‘foreign’ language of dogs, as Inge describes it. Thanks to this course our three dogs now enjoy a peaceful co-existence with a clear hierarchy within our family. – Anonymous

Our dog Zeus is almost unrecognisable. He hardly ever barks at the door and if he does I am able to control his behaviour. In the morning my husband is able to leave the house without Zeus jumping up at him. On our daily walks Zeus no longer chases after cyclists. I take my hat off to Inge, what an amazing result! – Anonymous

A year ago I took the decision to have a career with dogs and I started looking on the internet. I came upon your site by chance and decided to take a training course. What a revelation it turned out to be! A whole new world opened up to me, far exceeding my expectations! Thank you! – P.V.H.

On behalf of my dogs, Tess, Diesel and Julie, I would like to say how happy they are with the training. We have three dogs with very different characters and one dog has more history than the others. Thanks to you we are now able to adapt our approach to them. I am looking forward to the next training! – L.

Since I have started to apply what I have been taught by you I can go for a walk without being frustrated and without feeling the need to constantly correct my dog, I can relax. My dog really feels the difference. The mutual trust and respect between us is constantly growing and I can allow her the freedom to do things in a way I would not have thought possible until now… Thank you Inge for showing us the way! – R.G. and U.V.

Inge Pauwels, she stands for knowledge, honesty, empathy, gratitude, high sensitivity, renewal, trust, standing up for what you believe in and not letting go, combined with a keen sense of humour, love, warmth and friendship, a readiness to help, slightly chaotic but above all she is full of understanding. – Anonymous